K-12 Student Visits

Docent-guided visits allow students to form meaningful connections with works of art through close looking and interactive gallery experiences, including sketching, writing, group discussion, and more. Led by trained volunteers, these visits encourage critical and creative thinking while addressing all learning styles. A typical docent-guided visit includes five to six works of art. Guided visits are presented appropriately for each group’s grade level and subject interest and are aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

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Special Exhibition Tours

Between Action and the Unknown: The Art of Kazuo Shiraga and Sadamasa Montonaga  Recommended for grades 4-12; limited to 30 students. This exhibition will examine the full arcs of the artists' careers, from early works to their eighteen-year engagement with the Gutai Art Association—the leading avant-garde group of postwar Japanese artists—to their later masterworks created in the 1980s, 90s, and early 2000s. The exhibition highlights the experimental and innovative quality of Shiraga's and Motonaga's creative production through nearly sixty works of art and historical materials. Tours offered February 17–May 22, 2015.

Michaël Borremans: As sweet as it gets  Recommended for grades 4-12; limited to 30 students. The US premiere of the internationally traveling exhibition on the work of contemporary Belgian artist Michaël Borremans is the first to bring together the artist's paintings, drawings, and films from over the last fourteen years in a single survey. Tours offered March 24–May 22, 2015.

Inca: Conquests of the Andes  Recommended for grades 4-12; limited to 30 students. This exhibition explores the effects of the dynamic nature of state expansion and imperial conquest on Andean visual arts and presents more than seventy works exclusively drawn from the DMA's collection, many of which are on view for the first time. Tours offered May 19–22, 2015.

Docent-Guided Tour Topics for 2014-2015

Kindergarten-3rd Grade Visits

  • Recipes for Art  Recommeded for grades K-1; limited to 45 students. Learn how artists use line, shape, and color as their "recipe" to create endless varieties of art. Tours include multisensory activities, sketching, stories, movement, and more.
  • Me and My World  Recommended for grades 1-2; limited to 60 students. Explore people and places in art through stories, clues, and gallery activities. If your school is within Dallas city limits, we recommend that you follow this Museum visit with a related Go van Gogh® program in your classroom.
  • Stories in Art  Recommended for grades 2-3; limited to 60 students. Have fun learning to “read” stories in art from a variety of times and places.

4-6th Grade Visits

  • A Looking Journey  Recommended for 4th grade; limited to 90 students. Take an interactive journey through the magical world of art by looking carefully, thinking critically, and paying attention to what you feel.
  • Arts of the Americas Recommended for 5th grade; limited to 90 students. Explore the arts of ancient American peoples, American Indian cultures, the Spanish and British colonies, and modern Mexico and the United States.
  • Ideas Take Shape Recommended for 6th grade; limited to 90 students. Travel the globe as you look at the ways in which diverse peoples and cultures communicate their values and beliefs. 

Museum Collection Visits

Recommended for grades 4-12

  • Past to Present: Arts of Mexico and Central and South America Limited to 45 students. Ancient times to the 20th century
  • Ancient American Art Limited to 45 students. Mexico and Central and South America
  • Colonial to Modern American Art Limited to 45 students. 17th- to 20th-century United States
  • Arts of Europe Limited to 60 students. Classical times to the 20th century
  • The Classical World Limited to 30 students. Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Arts of the Ancient World Limited to 30 students. Bring the past to life by examining works from Egypt, the classical World, Asia, and the Americas.
  • Arts of Africa, Asia, & the Pacific Limited to 90 students
  • Arts of Africa Limited to 30 students
  • Arts of the Pacific Limited to 30 students
  • Arts of Asia Limited to 30 students. India, Southeast Asia, China, and Japan
  • Contemporary Art Limited to 60 students. 1945 to the present
  • Collection Highlights Limited to 60 students. Treasures throughout the Museum’s collections
  • Custom Visits All age groups. Limited to 60 students. Request a theme or idea you would like explored during your visit.


Special Education Visit

The DMA offers guided tours for special education classes and groups with special needs. Trained Access Docents guide groups through a one-hour tour of the Museum's collection, utilizing multisensory activities that foster an inclusive learning environment meant to engage a range of abilities.

K-12 Self-Guided Visits

The Museum provides opportunities for self-guided groups to independently explore the Museum’s collection and special exhibitions. Teachers are encouraged to visit the Museum prior to their student group visit, as galleries and the artworks on view change throughout the year.

Self-guided visits are available during regular Museum hours only: Tuesday–Sunday, 11–5; Thursday, 11–9; closed Mondays.
To make the most of your self-guided experience, please consider the following:


Lunch in the DMA Cafe

The DMA Cafe can accommodate paying student groups with a reservation. Reservations are required for groups of fifteen or more. Call 214-922-1859 or e-mail atriumcafe@DMA.org for menu options, pricing, and reservations. Student groups are not allowed to bring sack lunches into the Atrium.