DMA Friends

DMA Friends is a FREE membership program that allows you to earn badges and points to unlock special rewards when you visit the DMA.

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Discover fun new activities through the DMA Friends program. Earn points when you interact with the DMA, and redeem those points for rewards. Signing up is easy! Become a DMA Friend at a kiosk located on the Museum’s first level on your next visit.

If you’re already a DMA Partner, we think you’ll love earning additional benefits as a DMA Friend. Ask us how to use your DMA Partner card to log in.

It’s Everyone’s Museum of Art!

There are many ways to participate, track your experiences, and earn points in the DMA Friends program.

Activity Codes

Participate in activities at the DMA to earn points. Activity codes are available around the Museum—at programs, in the galleries, and sometimes distributed by DMA staff. Enter the codes at any DMA Friends kiosk or text the code to 214-390-9693 if your mobile phone is linked to your DMA Friend account.



Badges are bundles of activities that recognize DMA Friends that interact often with the Museum. They can give you new ideas about ways to use the DMA. Badges are awarded when you participate in activities listed in the badge descriptions.



What an eye you have!
Create your own collection by selecting ten or more works of art you love. Text each artwork's accession number (found on the wall label) to 214-390-9693 and receive the Collector Badge.




Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages . . .
step right up to see the spectacular sights of the DMA. Bring three people with you on your Museum visit and receive the Ringleader Badge. Come one, come all!



Earning points unlocks special rewards like discounts on shopping and dining, free tickets to special exhibitions, and access to exclusive experiences at the Museum. Points are used to claim rewards, but you will always keep the badges you’ve earned. Rewards are redeemed at the DMA Friends kiosks located in the Museum.

Stay connected with DMA Friends online, or at the Museum, to discover new badges, rewards, and ways to experience the DMA.

If you have questions, contact DMA Friends via e-mail at

For information on DMA Partners, formerly DMA members, visit the Partners page or e-mail

Annual support for free general admission and DMA Friends is provided by The Meadows Foundation and the Texas Instruments Foundation.

You must be at least 13 years of age to join DMA Friends. DMA Friends is a dynamic program, and all features are subject to change. There is no financial obligation to join. DMA Friends accounts are limited to one per person and are non-transferable.