Exhibition History

Format: 2018
Format: 2018
Start Date End Date
Gold of Three Continents [Gold of Africa: Jewelry and Ornaments from Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali and Senegal; Gold of Greece: Jewelry and Ornaments from the Benaki Museum; Gold of Ancient Americas: Pre-Columbian Ornaments and Ceremonial Objects from the D 4/8/90 6/10/90
Objects of Elegance and Whimsy: 19th Century Japanese Bronzes and Silver from the John R. Young Collection 2/24/90 10/21/90
Architecture and Its Image: Four Centuries of Architectural Representation, Works from the Collection of the Canadian Centre for Architecture 2/18/90 4/22/90
Concentrations 22: Max Neuhaus, Two Sides of the Same Room 1/28/90 4/22/90
New Acquisitions by Texas Artists 1/1/90 12/31/90
Black Art, Ancestral Legacy: The African Impulse in African-American Art 12/3/89 2/25/90
Like A One-Eyed Cat: Photographs by Lee Friedlander, 1956-1987 11/19/89 1/14/90
Phillip Guston: 50 Years of Painting 11/19/89 1/14/90
Artful Deception: The Craft of the Forger 10/15/89 1/7/90
Patrick Faigenbaum: Roman Portraits 9/30/89 11/12/89
I.M. Pei: Meyerson Symphony Center, Henry N. Cobb and Dan Kiley: Fountain Place 9/8/89 10/29/89
Impressionists and Modern Masters in Dallas: Monet to Mondrian 9/3/89 10/22/89
Kenneth J. Hale: Recent Prints 7/8/89 9/17/89
New Vistas: The Seventh National Exhibit by Blind Artists 5/27/89 7/23/89
A Faithful Journey: 200 Years of American Decorative Arts from the Faith P. and Charles L. Bybee Collection 5/21/89 7/30/89
Concentrations 21: Gael Stack 5/7/89 7/2/89
Patterns, Creatures, and Flowers from the East: Textiles from the Zale-Lipshy University Hospital 4/15/89 6/25/89
From the Permanent Collection: European Art 2/19/89 4/19/89
Donald Judd 2/12/89 4/19/89
Broken Star: Post Civil War Quilts 2/1/89 2/28/89