11th Circuit Exhibition of the Southern States Art League

Begin Date1934-02-28
End Date1934-03-21
ArtistsBarnes, Virginia W.
Bush-Brown, Marjorie Conant
Cabaniss, Lila M.
Cherry, E. Richardson
Coles, Ann C.
Covington, Wickliffe C.
Edwards, Joseph Lee
Garrison, Minta H.
Gillespie, Sallie Meredith
Guignard, Caroline
Hellman, Bertha Louise
Hill, Carrie L.
Hogue, Alexandre
Hoyt, Margaret
Iams, J. Howard
Klepper, Frank
Mason, Mary Townsend
McKenna, Helen
McLellan, Ralph
Mewhinney, Ella K.
Millet, Clarence
Mohan, Jenny C.
Niles, Rosamond
Sanford, M. Thomas
Saunders, Clara R.
Schumann, Paul R.
Sherwood, Mary Clare
Shorter, Edward S.
Smith, Leyland
Stagg, Clarence A.
Strater, Henry
Sutton, Cantey Venable
Wagner, Peter
Wilder, Clifford
Wood, Ethelwyn A.
Woolley, Virginia
Last Harvested At2019-03-23