Materials & Meanings

Begin Date2008-05-03
End Date2010-07-25
CuratorsGail Davitt, Susan Diachisin
Last Harvested At2019-01-19
Credit LineThe exhibition was organized by the Dallas Museum of Art. The exhibition was made possible with generous support from The Meadows Foundation, The Allen and Kelli Questrom Foundation, The Dedman Family/The Dedman Family Foundation, an anonymous donor, an anonymous donor in honor of Alex, Charlie, Grey, Jack, and Rosey, the active and alumni docents of the DMA, Melanie and Tim Byrne, Nancy and Clint Carson, Jennifer and John Eagle, Amy and Vernon Faulconer, Beverly and Donald S. Freeman, Ann and Lee Hobson, Marguerite S. Hoffman, The Pollock Foundation, Catherine and Will Rose, and other generous individuals and corporate and foundation donors.
OrganizerDallas Museum of Art
DescriptionMaterials & Meanings, an exhibit of eight master works of art selected by Dallas Museum of Art educators and curators from the Museum's encyclopedic collections spanning 5,000 years, focuses on the materials of which a work of art is made and on the meanings associated with those materials to both the artist and to the viewer. Gold, Wood, Chocolate, Cardboard, Velvet What do the materials of works of art mean to artists? What do the materials of works of art mean to you? Materials can have powerful meanings for the artist who selects and manipulates them as part of the creative process. You bring your own experiences with materials when you look at a work of art. The works of art in this exhibition come from different cultures and time periods, but all are made from materials that suggest meanings to the artist and perhaps to you. How can we learn more about the objects? C3 Learning Links - An area to discover more about the objects in the exhibition through Web sites, videos, and books. Where can my ideas be shared? Materials Wall - Use your mind and hands to lead the way for art explorations through touching and writing. Is it my turn to be creative? Materials Bar - Let the exhibition inspire you to think about and make your own creation. How has the use of materials changed in 8,000 years? A Material Journey Through the Dallas Museum of Art - Material lines guide you through the Museum's encyclopedic collections. What do materials look like before they are used by an artist? Material of the Month - Each month find a new raw material to investigate. Where do we go from here? Gallery Connections - Take a special self-guided tour through the rich collections in the Museum galleries.