Sculpture By Maillol and Kolbe

Begin Date1930-11-01
End Date1930-11-30
Last Harvested At2018-12-11
DescriptionThe collection of small statuary by Maillol and Kolbe now in the gallery shows us typical work by two modern masters of the human form. In the work of Maillol we find a maturity of thought expressed through fully developed forms such as few sculptors have been able to attain. Like Michael Angelo, [sic] Maillol has become more and more interested in the torso, but, unlike the older master, he seeks a profound repose rather than the feeling of action. Kolbe give more animation and in "The Adagio" uses a stylization that suits the idea and the material extremely well. [Dallas Art Notes, Vol. II Nos. 1 and 2, Autumn 1930]
NotesExact opening and closing dates for this exhibition are not known; exhibition was on view at some time in November 1930.