Current Exhibitions

Spirit and Matter: Masterpieces from the Keir Collection of Islamic Art

9/18/15 to 7/31/16
| Focus I Gallery

Spirit and Matter: Masterpieces from the Keir Collection of Islamic Art is the first exhibition at the DMA of art from the rarely shown and internationally renowned Keir Collection of Islamic Art. The exhibition presents a selection of over fifty masterworks in various mediums and explores thirteen centuries of Islamic art making across three continents, from Spain to Central Asia.


Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty

4/15/16 to 8/14/16
| Chilton II Gallery

Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty is the first retrospective of Irving Penn’s work in nearly twenty years and features over 140 photographs.


Vermeer Suite: Music in 17th-Century Dutch Painting

1/17/16 to 8/21/16
| Focus II Gallery

The great 17th-century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer created fewer than forty paintings during his lifetime, and Young Woman Seated at a Virginal from 1670–72 is one of his last. This masterpiece is the inspiration for the DMA exhibition Vermeer Suite: Music in 17th-Century Dutch Painting, which includes seven additional loans from the Leiden Collection of works by Vermeer’s contemporaries.


Visions of Antiquity in the 18th Century

3/16/16 to 10/23/16
| Level 2

Visions of Antiquity in the 18th Century brings together prints, drawings, and objects from the DMA’s collection that reflect the taste for all things Greek and Roman during the 18th century. 


The Wittgenstein Vitrine

11/15/14 to 5/28/17
| Conservation Gallery

Modern Opulence in Vienna: The Wittgenstein Vitrine reveals the results of an intensive research and conservation program by exploring the conservation effort and charting the context and history of this masterwork’s design and fabrication, iconography, and provenance. The exhibition also presents new perspectives on designer Carl Otto Czeschka, his work for the Wiener Werkstätte, and the important patronage of the Wittgenstein family. 


Passages in Modern Art: 1946 – 1996

3/13/16 to 5/28/17
| Barrel Vault and Hanley, Lamont, Rachofsky, and Stoffel Galleries

Passages in Modern Art: 1946–1996 brings together objects from the DMA’s acclaimed contemporary collection, including recent acquisitions, rarely seen works, and newly conserved paintings and sculpture.