Celestial Sleuth: Using Astronomy to Solve Mysteries in Art

This event has already passed Location: Horchow Auditorium

Dr. Donald W. Olson, astronomer and professor of physics at Texas State University, has spent years applying his distinctive brand of celestial sleuthing to artworks throughout history to uncover previously unknown details about a painting’s origin.  From Munch’s Girl on a Pier to van Gogh’s White House at Night, Olson has worked with his team to determine not only the exact locations throughout the world of certain paintings, but the dates, times of day, and even the weather conditions!  Join us for a closer look at his work, including night sky paintings by artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Edvard Munch, and J. M. W. Turner, the moonrise photographs of Ansel Adams, and a detailed analysis of Claude Monet's Étretat, Sunset.

Late Night Lectures are included in FREE general admission.