Late Night Film: The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones

This event has already passed Location: C3 Theater

The distant future meets the prehistoric past when George Jetson's son Elroy builds a time machine that accidently transports the family back to the Stone Age. In the town of Bedrock, they meet Fred and Wilma Flintstone and Barney and Betty Rubble, who mistake the Jetsons for aliens. In another time machine malfunction, the Flintstones are transported into the future and hilarity ensues as the families try to adjust to their new surroundings. In an effort to set things right, Rosie and Henry Orbit build a new time machine to bring the Jetsons back to the future, meeting many famous historical characters along the way. This film is not rated (1987, 120 min).

This film is part of Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art

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