Shira Richter

October 2014

Israeli artist Shira Richter creates Visual Performance Lectures (VPL) as a part of her artistic practice. VPLs are a style of presentation that synthesizes storytelling, cinema art, photography, research, and stage performance. During each lecture, artworks are presented that relate to the topics of gender, feminism, politics, economics, religion, anthropology, sociology, medicine, and popular culture. Richter is a passionate and animated speaker who uses humor to connect to the audience and communicate how the seemingly specific subjects of art/motherhood are relevant to many disciplines. Her lectures raise consciousness regarding the fundamental roles that Motherhood and Art play in our lives and how this is often overlooked in current Western patriarchal/capitalistic societies. This dynamic is changing, thanks to many brave individuals, groups, and initiatives like The Mother Load. Each lecture is specific to the venue, with issues relevant to the location that are incorporated into the narrative.