Go van Gogh 90 Minute Request Form

Fall dates are completely booked at the moment. If you are interested in scheduling a visit this school year, please submit a request for dates in the spring.

Please read through the following reminders before completing this form:

  • Go van Gogh is only available to schools within Dallas city limits.
  • The STEAM Design Challenge: Chair Edition is offered November-February and May 2018. March and April are reserved for our special education program. 
  • Programs are led by Museum volunteers in the individual teacher's classrooms. Please be ready to provide us with the teacher name, grade level, number of students, and room number for each participating classroom.
  • Only one program topic may be scheduled on a single day. If you are interested in scheduling multiple program topics on multiple days, please submit a request form for each program you would like to schedule.
To learn more information about starting a Site-Specific program, please email govangogh@dma.org.
Between 1-3 90 Minute programs may be scheduled on the same day.
Programs are available Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays only during the months of September-February, and May. March and April are reserved for our special education program.
All programs will have the same start time and will last 90 minutes.
Primary Contact Information
Classroom One
Email addresses will be used to send teachers information about their scheduled program(s) only and will not be used for any other purposes.
*If there are other special needs, please include information in the Notes category at the bottom of the form.
Classroom Two
Classroom Three