C3 Community Projects

The Center for Creative Connections (C3) promotes conversation and community by collaborating with artists and institutions to develop and produce art installations and experiences for and about the community. The result of the collaboration is a mutual understanding of each other's creative process—everyone learns something new.

The Laboring Self
October–December 2017

The Laboring Self is an interactive installation by C3 Visiting Artists xtine burrough and Sabrina Starnaman that draws parallels between unregulated labor and its effect on workers' bodies in the Industrial Revolution and the Mechanical Turk works on Amazon.com's online job platform. For the Center for Creative Connections at the Dallas Museum of Art, burrough and Starnaman present three works within this larger series: Hired Hands, Weaving Texts: An Untitled Audio Tour, and Illuminated Voices. Each work is an artful invitation for visitors to participate in a conversation about labor and their bodies.

The Laboring Self is partially funded by a Community Project grant from Humanities Texas and a grant for pursuing civil and social justice through art from Puffin Foundation West, Ltd.




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